Friday, 16 September 2011

Fine art mixed media....

We where given a black plastic bag with an object in. You where not allowed to look in the bag at all.  You had to put your hand into the bag feel the object and draw what you thought it was.  My object was a camera.

The lesson was what is the definition of drawing.  Is it pencil and paper or can it be simply a mark made on a surface. Here i have stuck torn pieces of masking tape to paper painted over the tape with ink then removed it. Is it a drawing????

The exercise above developed onto the theme chance. Here I have used embroidery thread as my choice of medium, fabric and paper then sewn random line stitches.

I then used several of the threads together and twister them as I pulled them through the fabric.

This weeks rotation started off with photo shop and it was terrifying. Me and technology nooooooo, give me a paint brush and paint anytime, not a computer. I was a complete novice and struggled terribly through the sessions, even with a one to one with the tutor. The next rotation was Fine Art mixed media and I have had a fab time. Some people may call this type of art " Blue Peter moments".  I  really enjoyed experimenting and trying to find the lost child artist in me.  You know when you did a picture in school, maybe of your Mum and it didn't matter that her hair was green or one eye was far bigger than the other. Or maybe you drew a picture of the family dog and it had five legs and halt a tail.   I enjoy the freedom of nothing is wrong its just all about development and freedom of expression. Oooo get me using long words and philosophizing about art, I need to watch I don't start calling everybody darling and explaining the true meaning behind the un-made bed? ;)


Leanne said...

Hi Susan
Your camera drawing is fabulous. I hope your course is going well for you.

Susan said...

Thanks leanne I am really enjoying it. X