Sunday, 2 October 2011

Right up my street......

Mono printing.

Image of David I took from a magazine to do a mono print.

A new rotation began on Thursday textiles surface design and I was truly in heaven. We began the day by drawing our hands using many different techniques of drawing. This was then followed by making a collagraph from one of the hand drawings out of funky foam and printing it. Next we moved onto mono printing and I was smitten. This technique of printing works so well on fabric and the beauty is you do not have to be a fantastic artist because its all about tracing the outline of an image on top of the ink. As you can see I used a advert that I found in a magazine, I just loved the image of the statue David and I thought it would work well to experiment with. I think surface pattern is going to be my specialist subject and I am really looking forward to being able to incorporate these techniques into my quilts.


cookie said...

Hi Susan,

it looks great. Have to look that up - monoprinting.

Gwen said...

It all looks very technical Susan, but good results! look forward to seeing you use it in your quilting life............that's if you still have one!!

Kath said...

Wow that looks like fun. How exciting to be learning and experimenting with new techniques. Hope you are enjoying your course.

Susan said...

Hi Ladies.

If you like rubber stamping Kerstin you will love this technique because you can make it so personal.x

Alas Gwen, I do not have a quilting life at the moment. However with that said I did dye some fabric yesterday for a wall hanging I have in my head and in my personal sketch books and it is screaming to get out.x

Oh Kath I am so enjoying the course. There is a lot of work and it is quite full on but I am loving everyminute. Only one down thing I am missing my sewing and blogging but I know it will be worth that small sacrafice. x