Monday, 17 October 2011

Some sewing at last....

 A few months ago I had an idea for a wall hanging. Here is the idea in my sketch book.

Several weeks ago I dyed the fabric for my wall hanging.

 A few days after I dyed the fabric I began the machine quilting. Then all came to a stand still for college.

Today I started to work on my water carrier.
I decided to have a break from the intensity of the never ending homework and do some much need sewing.  After Harrogate this year, I designed a new wall hanging for next year. (I know, I'm a bit early but it might take me that long to complete it).  It is based on my star sign, Aquarius, the water carrier. I started by doodling in my sketch book, ideas that popped into my head. Then I looked at star signs in magazines to help with the zodiac symbols.  This is what I have designed and the next step was to transfer it from the sketch book to fabric. Today I hand painted the head and shoulders of my lovely water carrier on to calico and I did some more free motion machine quilting. I have really enjoyed being back in the world of creating something with a end product. Whilst I do enjoy all the experimenting in college I sometimes miss that little bit of structure. 


Kath said...

What an exciting start you have made. I shall enjoy watching this work progress.

Gwen said...

it looks fantastic so far, I can't wait to see the end result! Me thinks another rosette? x

Susan said...

hello ladies, thank you both as always for the lovely comments. xxx