Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New quilt.

Last Wednesday at our fortnightly meeting of Liverbirds our wonderful Janet revealed this years quilt design. I feel like it has been a life time since I made a quilt so I jumped at the chance to buy the pattern.  When I got home I looked at the fabric requirements and decided that this quilt really needed to be made completely from my stash. One of Janet's top tips is that you start with a feature fabric and use this fabric as you colour wheel. I myself find this most helpful when selecting fabrics for any new project. I must admit I did struggle finding a feature fabric from my stash as I would normally buy this particular fabric new and then raid my stash to add to it.  After much searching I settled on a beige fabric that has tiny tulips on it in red, blue, yellow and green.  The picture is of all the fabrics I have chosen for the new quilt.


Kath said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Gwen said...

Looking good Susan! I think I am using all fabrics from my stash as well! It'll be interesting to see all the different choices, I can't wait to start it and get the next instalment! x

Leanne said...

Lovely fabric Susan, can't wait to see what you make.
I sent you a birthday gift yesterday, I hope it gets there on time.

Susan said...

Hi Kath Im looking forward to seeing the first block of the quilt. It is a bit like block of the fortnight. i will keep you posted. x

Hi Gwen its really exciting, a new project and I am even more ecited because it is quilt as you go. x

Hi Leanne ooooh! How lovely a surprise on its way. I have got an interview on my birthday for UNI scary or what!! x