Monday, 5 March 2012


Charcoal drawing of a bird in flight.

This is my attempt at a black and white doodle image after looking at Johanna Basfords work.

Part of my artist book about things that fly or have wings.

Artist book coming together.
Once again where is the time going, I can not believe it is March already. I am rapidly running straight towards my next assessment and that is frightening because after the assessment it is my own final project which is basically the be all and end all to pass the foundation course. The latest project is titled Flora, fauna, fish, fur, feather and fowl. As you can imagine there was a lot of pathways to chose from. I kind of went down the feather route and looked at birds. I have seriously struggled with this project but I do not know why?  Three weeks in and nearly coming to the end I feel like I am still clueless. My saving grace was a visit from a lovely artist Elizabeth Willow who talked about her work and artist books. I was hooked immediately. I love seeing Linda Kemshall create her altered books and have longed to have a go but when it came down to it,I did not have an altered book inside me. However I did feel I could make my own artist book for this project. Here is what I have produce over the weekend but it still has some way to go before it is complete.


jan said...

Go Susan.

Susan said...

Ar thanks Jan xx