Wednesday, 30 May 2012

David Bailey in the making!!!!!

On Monday it was Paige's Birthday, she was 17 and we decided to go for a nice pub lunch. Paige has been stuck in her room with her head in her books for weeks, revising for her A levels. Our little man came too and he was carring my camera. The following pictures are what he took and by the time I got it off him the batteries died.
On the way to The Waterside for Paige Birthday lunch. Mummy driving.

Paige (birthday girl) and her mum (Natalie)

Smile Auntie Natty.

Ooooo look my rugby ball.

He was doing so well up until this photo. Nannie, minus my head and looking like a weight lifter whos been on steriods. Not a flattering photo at all.

He captured the ducks lovely, even got the little girl in who was feeding them.

The Photographer.


Kath said...

well done Cole!

Caz said...

Didn't he do a good job??!! X

Susan said...

Hello ladies, Yes not bad for an almost three year old hahaha xx