Thursday, 29 November 2012

Its all about colour....

This is the mini work shop I did at the knitting and stitching show.

This is my version when I got home.

Lovely flower cut from a piece of fabric my lovely friend Janet gave me.

Image of one of the flowers from the fabric I have painted using water colours.

The flower images are part of the new brief which is all about colour.  My mood board for this brief consists of lovely pinks and greens, now I have to find as many ways as possible to produce study colours of my chosen colour palete. Hence the image above.  I have just had a pop up saying I have used all my free picture downloads oh dear I do hope this is not the end of my little blog. :(


Kath said...

Do you use chrome? It downloads picassa which is th eproblem. if you uninstall picassa, your probelms are over. if you dont use chrome, ignore me LOL

Love your little embroideries, very delicate.

Susan said...

hi Kath yes i do use google Chrome and it is picasa but how do you uninstall it please xx

Lin said...

Love your workshop pieces - hand stitch is so lovely and we need to keep promoting it, there is too much machine work around, lovely though it can be, but the skill and technique of hand work should not be lost. My rant for the day! xx