Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Knitting and Stitch show Harrogate

TAG (textile art Group) A group of textile artist that live in Kriklees and Calderdale Area.

Didn't get the name of this artist but I loved the work all collaged images.

Sue Walton

Sue Walton

Sue Walton

Sue Walton

This knitted dress was made by a graduate but sadly I did not write her name down sorry.

Pat Osbourne
These are just a few pictures from the photo's I took at the show. This was my first time at the show and wow I had a fabulous day and hopefully will be able to return next year.  As with all the shows there was some amazing pieces of work, espescially in the graduate show but sadly, yet understandably, you could not take photos.  I met Alice Kettle and let me just say, I do not think she will forget me in a hurry. I dropped by Janice Gunner's stall and said hello and I nearly bumped into Ann Gosling literally as she had her head burried in the catalogue. I fell in love with textile artist Sue Waltons work. Her exhibition was amazing see the image of the fork dolls and the little dolls made from actual chicken bones honestly unbelievable. I did mange to have a chat with Sue but only briefly as her exhibiton was extremely busy. That is how I found out what the bones where. I also did the most adorable mini workshop but I will save that for another post. Hope you all enjoy the pics I've chosen to share.


Kath said...

That dress is amazing. Imagine being able to fit into that LOL
I was intrigued by the little figures, they are fabulous.

Lin said...

Yes, I loved the Sue Walton cutlery pieces and the chandeleir - found the bones a bit spooky though!

Susan said...

Hi Kath I think it would fit one of my legs hahaha it was beautiful. :)

Hi Lin I don't think there to everyones taste I just found them fasinating :)