Friday, 4 April 2014

Shelley Rhodes, Pecocks and their feathers.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend a work shop with the amazing artist Shelley Rhodes which was organised by the Contemporary Quilt group of region 13.   I loved every minute of the day. It was quite an intense work shop but most enjoyable as Shelley had lots of techniques, tricks and tips through out the day and she crammed as much as she possible could in the six hours we where with her. We had to bring along a interesting object which would be our focal point of the day. I chose a Peacock feather although it took me weeks to decide what to take because I got hung up on the word interesting.  The rest of the requirements list for the work shop was enormous luckily everything fitted into my little suit case and away I went. The two bottom images are little bits of the work I produced on the day. I came home and put them to one side knowing that someday I'd come back to these little works of art. The following week Natalie and I took the three boys to Walton Hall Park in Warrington and strolling around the little zoo where several peacock. I snapped away thinking what beautiful creatures they are and how the sun shimmered the gorgeous colours of their tale feathers. Then a few days after the park trip we where given our final brief for drawing for textiles and its was open. Yey we could chose anything we wanted and yep you guessed it I have chosen PEACOCKS! The top image is the work I have done so far and I've even managed to incorporate the art pieces from the Shelly Rhodes work shop. Happy days all round me thinks. X


Lin said...

What a great subject to choose - so much gorgeous colour and interesting shapes. Have fun Susan. xx

Caz said...

Love the drawing of the peacock feather. Great colours,,

Susan said...

Cheers ladies much appreciated as ever X:)