Thursday, 28 August 2014

TIme to clean and make a mess.

Quote: The caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

I do not know where time goes but I do know that it is racing by and I will soon be back in Uni. I realised I'd not blogged for a while and wondered what on earth I've been doing. Well I did manage to finish my apron quilt for Harrogate which in itself was an achievement. I started to make a wool rabbit from a kit I bought at FOQ but she is taking forever as it is mainly sewn by hand. I have recently spent several days having a big flat clean. Doing housework jobs that I've put off for weeks, like cleaning the oven, the windows, pulling all the furniture out to clean under. I was doing so well until I got to the sewing room and away went the cleaning products and out came the paints. I bought a little note book in Asda a couple of days ago, it only cost £2 and I thought it would make a nice handbag size journal. The paper in the book is not the best so I began by gluing two sheets together, once dried I added a layer of gesso. I had a great day yesterday being totally creative and these are the three pages I achieved. I burnt the midnight oil with the last one so you will see it has today's date on.


Lin said...

Hello Susan - your pages are great, so colourful and I love all the quotes.xx

Susan said...

Thanks Lin Just fancied playing arround with some paints yesterday. X:)

Mary Ann said...

Very pretty:)

Bah to the dust bunnies...creativity over cleaning wins any day in my house.

Susan said...

thanks Mary Ann X:)