Saturday, 4 October 2014

Daily Drawings 2 and 3..

Well so far so good with my daily drawing challenge. The last two pages are of thistles which I have taken from the images in the book I got the other day, Nature Notes of  Edwardian Lady. After I had finished today's drawing I felt that the thistles seemed lost on the white page so I decided to add a wash of colour, which I then carried across to the previous days page. I love the subtlety of water colour paints. I have had my little pallet of Windsor and Newton water colours for many, many years. However, I think the time has come to replace some of the little pots as tonight I noticed I was scraping the bottom of the ultramarine blue and the sap green.  I can feel a trip to the local art shop is called for.


Lin said...

So lovely Susan - keep it up. xx

Joan Mc said...

1401I am just catching up with all your blogs!! I'm very fond of seed heads, have a lovely stamp that I bought some time ago. I do like your your sketches! Hope your course is golng well. love Joan

Susan said...

Hi Lin thank you as ever for your lovely comments means so much. X:)

Hi Joan my lovely how are you? If you ever decide to have a stamp clear out please clear my way as you sound like you have a lot. lol. The course is work, work, work, and its taken me abit of time to adjust after a marvalous lazy summer. X:)