Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sewing day with friends.

Yesterday I took time out from the endless Uni work and enjoyed a great day sewing with my Liverbird friends. It was bring your own sewing project so I decided to make Alfie's clothes. Unfortunately, I did not manage to make Alfie's shirt, possibly due to a combination of drinking tea, eating scrummy cakes (whoops there goes the diet) and definitely to much chatter, I ran out of time. I had a fab day, lots of laughter as usual and amazing company. I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful bunch of ladies. Thanks Janet for arranging these wonderful sewing days. 
Now for something completely different: Comments:Please note, if you leave a comment I always reply to you in the comment box below. However, my lovely friend Lin has advised me that sometimes people may not always know this. She has kindly shown me how to reply to people who leave comments, on my blog, by email in my blog settings. Fingers crossed, we think it has worked so in the future if you leave a comment my reply will go to your email. Thanks for all your help Lin. So please leave a comment so I may test this. I look forward to hearing from you all. X:)


Lin said...

OK so I am first! What a treat to have a day out with friends and sew. Well I am sure Alfie will get a shirt eventually but in the meantime he is looking very trendy in his jeans and waistcoat. xx

Caz said...

Nice to see Alfie getting out and about,, meeting people,,,, and having nice clothes made for him.
Caz x