Sunday, 6 September 2009

Natalie off to the captains dinner:

This is my lovely sister Natalie, wearing the top and skirt I made her for the special captains dinner evening. Her husband Paul took the photos on her phone so she could send them to me via e-mail. Doesn't she look fabulous. Natalie and I were both extremely pleased at the way the outfit turned out. I was worried that she had put such faith in me for such a special outfit. Bearing in mind I am not a dress maker and although we bought a pattern for the basic size there was a lot of pinning, cutting and adapting done to the top before it was what Natalie wanted and felt comfortable in. Still we got there in the end and me and every one at the event thought she looked beautiful.


Kath said...

She does look beautiful and how lucky she is to have such a kind and clever sister as you! Well done! Kath x

Susan said...

hi Kath
thnaks, Kind yes, not so sure about being clever lol xxxxx