Saturday, 29 August 2009

A bit more fusing:

I have had a lovely morning, playing with the soldering Iron, the Viole's, the felts and my fancy stitches on my beloved Bernina. As you can see I have made another two postcards and a note book cover. Whilst it has been good fun I must now tidied the terrible mess I have made. Viole's, felt and bits and pieces are scattered across the sewing room. Tabitha has had a field day with the Viole's rolling around the floor amongst them. Bless, it must have wore her out look, she is having a rest in the scrap basket.


Gwen said...

Hi Susan, The fusing looks great, can't quite understand what it is you are doing, you'll have to give a demo in Liver Birds one night!
Luv your little kitten!

Susan said...

Thank you Gwen for your lovely comment as usual. I don't know about a demo (lol) but I will certainly bring some fusing for show and tell next Liverbirds xx