Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rrrr whos had a bath????

Yes Tabitha has had her very first bath, bless her. Poor little thing was terrified. She is settling in quite nicely, although I did have a few teething problems over the first few days. She was scratching everything, the walls, the couch, the scratch post but most she particulary seemed to scratch me the most. This was not good so I turned to my sister-in law for advise (Karen has 8 animals and in my book is a expert on pets). It turned out that Tabitha's claws were too long and needed clipping back. Once this was done she has not scratched anything other than her scratch post.


Kath said...

Aw...extra sardines for tea then, to make up for it...Kath x

jan said...

Ohh bless her, bet she was cccccold.