Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mother to be:

This my friends, is my beautiful daughter Michaela. Colin took these photographs yesterday. I know I am bias but I think she is simple stunning. Also I have to say hats of to Colin, he is bloody good at photography. I was considering asking him to take a photo of me and my bump but I have to many bumps to chose from lol.


Kath said...

Gosh, aren't you two alike? Michaela looks very beautiful, you must be so excited as you wait to meet your new grandchild. Kath x

Susan said...

hi Kath
How are you my lovely friend. I am very excited about the baby 7 weeks to go not that we are counting or anything lol. thank you for the lovely complaiments.

jan said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful people. Baby bound to be gorgeous.
Not long to xx

Susan said...

Hi Jan
I was so sad I did not meet up with you this year. I did send you an e-mail saying I would be at the show but I didn't hear from you. Anyway it looks like you had a great time. Good luck with the new machine. Thank you for your lovely comments about the pics xxxx

Gwen said...

Hi Susan, love your blog as usual! Michaela won't be looking so serene in a few weeks! Hope you're all making the most of all this time! I enjoyed my day at the NEC but will go for a few days next year! Sounds like you had a good time with Ferret and Amy.......I'm envious! ;lol..see you Wed........ gwen

Susan said...

Thanks Gwen. I had a fab time at the NEC. Next pic hopefully will be of Mum and baby in her arms xxx