Thursday, 26 August 2010

Christening Shawl:

You know the saying time flys, well I think it is concording for me at the moment because there is never enough hours in the day. A couple of weeks ago Michaela informed me she did not have a christening shawl. I was not able to buy her one, I tried lots of baby shops but to no avail. The christening was only a couple of weeks away so it was short notice to find someone to make me one for her. There was only one thing left to do. Ye,s you guessed it, make one myself. I can only do basic crochet and the shawl as you can see is very simple but it has taken up my nights and taken me away from the sewing machine. It is a surprise as Michaela does not know I have made it. The christening is this Sunday so I plan to give it to her this afternoon, fingers crossed she likes it.


Gwen said...

well done Susan! you are full of surprises! she should be thrilled with it, have a nice day on Sunday, love to baby Cole on his special day x Gwen x

Susan said...

R thank you Gwen xx