Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Christmas decoration nightmare:

Last Thursday I told the delightful ladies from the Swan Group that this week we would make a Christmas decoration. I thought maybe we could make an eight pointed star using lovely Christmas fabric. After several hours of me struggling to make one that idea was abandoned. My next bright idea was a cathedral window Christmas decoration. Scrap idea number two far to complex. I knew it had to be something relatively simple and quick to make as we only have two hours in which to make it. Several hours of my precious sewing day had passed and still no further on with an idea for Thursday. Franticly looking through books and magazines then I remembered Janet's delightful little felt stocking she made me last Christmas. Eureka!!!! I hope you don't mind me stealing your idea Janet, it is the ideal project. I have added a star and a bauble shape for a bit of variety.


Kath said...

Very pretty Susan, they look Scandinavian. As you say, its tricky to find something that only takes 2 hours, but this little project is perfect.

Gwen said...

lovely Susan, I think I'll come to your class! It's the only way I'll get some done! Pat's quilt is fab.........tell her so from me.......she should be very proud of it, has she got the urge to do another one? Gwen x

Susan said...

thank you ladies. Pat wants to run before she can walk but don't we all lol xxx