Saturday, 28 August 2010

Walker Art Gallery:

I was experiencing quite a low day yesterday so decided to take a trip into Liverpool city centre. I remembered a friend telling me there was a sneak preview of the Liverpool 08 tapestry Project at the Walker Art Gallery. I apologise the picture is not that good, you were not allowed to take photos so it was a bit of a sneaky shot. The work in these little pieces of art are amazing. My friend Judith has a piece of work in the tapestry in remembrance of her aunt who was a prolific member of the Embroiders Guild. The other two Pictures are from another exhibition in the Walker "Dare to wear" Glass dresses by Diana Dias-Leao. It is a fabulous exhibition, her work is stunning, I only managed to get two sneaky photos. There are about 10 dresses on show and there are photographs of models actually wearing one or two of the displayed dresses. As they are made of glass and wire I could imagine there not comfortable to wear but oh my they are so beautiful. On my way out i picked up a leaflet exhibitions and events guide and discovered another exhibition that is on in Sudley House in Aighburth. this exhibition is titled "Hitched" and is showing wedding garments from Victorian times to present day. It runs till spring 2011 so I go and see this one when I get back from my jollys.


Kath said...

Ah, but where are the shoes? :D

jan said...

Take care you don't get into trouble Susan, I have just had to remove a picture from my Blog.