Sunday, 17 June 2012

Busy week...

These dresses are stitched over the paper image but I have left bits of the paper behind to add a bit of colour.

Edwardian Lingerie also stitched from paper images.
Water colour image of an Edwardian dress.
Water colour Edwardian style dress.

Its been all go this week, getting ready for the exhibition on Monday evening. Dotting all the i's and crossing the T's for my final mayor project. The deadline is three o'clock Monday then it is down pencils and walk away and it is in the hands of the markers.  Over the weekend I had to write my final evaluation of the project and on reflection I don't think I have done enough drawing/mark making?  I shut myself in the sewing room and played with some images of Edwardian Fashion, water colours and stitch. These are what I came up with.


Leanne said...

Your drawings are beautiful Susan, good luck.

Joan Mc said...

Love the way you have enhanced your drawings, very imaginative. wish you good luck for Monday!!
Love Joan Mcheyrst

Susan said...

Hi Ladies thank you for the lovey comments and for the well wishes bit nervous today but looking forward to it. xx