Thursday, 21 June 2012

Oh dear! the wrong shade of red.........

Four block from the last eight.

All the above pics sent to Janet.

One down three more to go yippee.
Today I completed four of the remaining eight blocks for Summer Harmony. As I began the remaining four blocks I realised the other red fabric I intended to use was to dark and not the right tone of red. Oh no what to do? I layed all the pieces of the quilt on the floor and took stock. I wondered if I could introduce some green but I really needed a experts opinion and who better than the designer of the quilt, my wonderful friend Janet. I e-mailed Janet the pictures I have posted, then I telephoned her and we discussed the problem. Janet felt that the green would work and I would still have a nice balance with the colours of the blocks.  Phew crisis over and away I went and made a green block.  When I count my blessings I always count Janets friendship twice because friends such as her are extremely rare.

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