Sunday, 20 October 2013

A postcard, an effigy and a rainbow.

Beautiful delicate fabric postcard from my friend Lin in France.

Effigy of my lovely daughter Michaela in her role as hair stylist. (notice the rollers in her hair)

A gorgeous rainbow over St James Church.
I received this amazing card from my friend Lin in France one day last week and I have been meaning to thank her.  However, time just raced by and I forgot until Lin asked me yesterday had I received her card, I felt really awful not thanking her as they are a special thing to receive.  Once again my apologises Lin. The truth is that lately there are never enough hours in the day for me as I have so much to do.  It can be quite overwhelming that there are occassion when I can't do anything because I mentaly shut down. The past few days I have been working on a new effigy for Uni this time round I chose to make one based on my lovely daughter Michaela. I concentrated on her job as a hair dresser.  Last night I burnt the midnight oil and finished her overall and hair. Notice the hair rollers, these are made from a straw I obtained from subway.  Today I will decide weather or not to draw on a face or leave it blank.  Before I could start the overall I had to nip to Abakahn for doll stuffing and on the way home the heavens opened and the rain bounced off the floor. Luckily I did avoid getting wet and as I sat in my sewing room stuffing Michaela doll, the sun came out and two rainbows appeared over St James church which is the view from my sewing room. As you can see I only managed to capture one the other was rather faint but I asure you there where two. :)


Lin said...

I am so pleased that you liked the card Susan and that it arrived safely - my fingers are always crossed when I put a card in the post! Your effigy looks good, the rollers are very effective and so good to have such an amazing view from your window. Have a good week and DONT WORRY!!

Sheila said...

Lovely postcard from Lin , Susan do you still want to take part in the postcard exchange , if so please email me your info so I can get the names assigned. If you have changed your mind I would still really appreciate you letting me know . Thanks so much. Sheila