Thursday, 10 October 2013

Family, uni and postcards..

My life has become hectic and the weeks are just racing by. A couple of weeks ago I was at Sefton Park to cheer on my Daughter and Grandson as they did the "Splash Dash" and raised £100 for Claires House. So very proud of them both.  I was keeping on top of my Uni homework and all was going well until I was knocked of my feet with a horrible cold and I am now playing catch up on everything.  I have had very little time left to sew but each week I send my neice Paige a poscard.  They are not always fabric homemade cards but this weeks one was, I made her this little owl.  I showed it to Colin who said it looks like ET and he has eaten Ready Brek? I didn't have a clue what he was talking about until he held the card up to the light and the yellow fabric becomes a transparent glow leaving the under body and the heart shape face of the owl making him look like ET who has had his Ready Brek.  I am sure some of you will remeber the advert for Ready Brek porridge.


Lin said...

Well do I remember the Ready Brek glow! What a shame you picked up a bug - hope you are better now.xx

Kath said...

No I don;t remember it, but engraved on my memory is the Porridge oats ad, where his kilt blew up )naughty aren't I LOL).

Hope you're feeling better now X

Susan said...

Hi Ladies Lots better thank you both. XOh Kath I remeber that one to but didn't quite get it as a kid lol x