Sunday, 30 November 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy......

Pencil drawing of a Honey Suckle

Rough Sketch of a bird  in flight over a messy background.

Pen drawing of a sunflower head onto hand dyed cotton fabric .

Daisy under the sunflower head on the same piece of fabric.

Water colour painting of Crab Apples

Poppy not letting me finish the water colour of the crab Apples.
I realised I have not blogged in a while but the truth is I have not really had the time. As per the norm my days are taken up with Uni, trying to fit a bit of housework in and a bit of family time. Yesterday I had a real treat and went to a area day at Thornton Hough with my delightful friend Judith. The speaker was Dorothy Russel and her work was amazing and I had a lovely morning. I had decided not to stay for the work shop in the afternoon so I could get back handy to do homework, unfortunately I don't know what they made.  Seeing as I don't have any show and tell from the area day I thought I'd share some of the drawings and paintings I've been doing over the last couple of days. These are for the new brief we have been given. I have to say its the first time in months I have really enjoyed doing homework. As you can see Poppy however, had other ideas, so I am now going to have a cup of tea and watch an episode of the secret life of drawing. If you are interested in drawing and have not seen these programmes I highly recommend them. You can watch them on you tube. Hope you have all had a great weekend. :)


Lin said...

Beautiful work Susan, just your sort of thing - the sunflower, daisy and bird are gorgeous and Poppy looks too cute to push away! I shall watch those videos, they look good,thank you for mentioning them xx

Joan Mc said...

Thought that you'd left the country!! Love your paintings, clever girl. I should go to the meeting in Thornton Hough, as my daughter lives up the road from where they meet. I'm still trying to get my holiday gifts finished, very slow this year. Had a great lunch at Southport Quilters and one of the best challenges, a great responce from so many people.Janet suggested one a month!! No chance.