Friday, 24 July 2015

Time away.

Hotel Hermes in Kefalos on the island of Kos.

View of Paradise Beach.

A couple of pages in my journal sketch book. 
Felt needle books which I will be selling on my stall at Formby Vintage craft fair in September.
Some of you may or may not know but I have been away for a couple of weeks with my fab family. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We went to the Greek Island Kos staying in the town of Kefalos. Before going I decided I was definitely going to keep a daily journal but I wanted it to be very visual, not just written form like a diary.  I have numerous books on, "how to keep a sketch journal"  each one showing a different approach.  However, I quite liked the style of Suzanne McNeill as well as her approach on how to keep a visual journal. I had a little square sketch book on my book shelf, which I think I got from my lovely friend Hilary quite some time ago. It was perfect for this project, small, compact, portable and with lovely quality paper. My aim was to get out and about and sketch lots of the things I saw during the two weeks. Hmm! well that was the plan but as always best laid plans and all that! it only happened once.  I didn't know that I would struggle with the heat never below 30 rising to almost 40 degrees mid week but I was still determined to keep my journal, I just had to adapt. I used my camera and this is how I recorded anything of interest, then in the evening I would sit in the shade on the veranda and record my day. I was a little unsure this would work at first but it soon became a part of my day.  Back at the hotel I scrolled through my camera and out came the sketchbook, pens, paints and pencils.  This also led to another discovery, I realised I could not recall or sketch from memory, I needed a visual and if I could not sketch an object whilst in its present I needed to take photographs for future reference. I love my little visual journal sketch book and it is something I will be doing again. The two weeks flew by and once back home I was straight in my sewing room creating more things for my stall at  Formby Vintage Craft Fair on the 5th September 2015.

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Lin said...

Glad you had such a lovely time Susan. I am sure your journal will come in useful and that you will enjoy looking through it again in a few years time - lots of lovely memories.
We are still having our heatwave - 5 weeks now with only the odd drizzly shower and with many days over 30 degrees. Great for staying indoors and sewing but no good for doing anything out doors. Many parts of the Dordogne are on red alert with a hosepipe ban and no filling of swimming pools. Fortunately not us (although we don't have a pool) but there is only so much watering that you can do. All the grass is green and we are expecting to lose some trees and many shrubs. However, enough of that. I love the little needle books. xx