Sunday, 2 August 2015

Whats the time Mr Wolf?

Did any of you play the game "whats the time Mr Wolf" well I feel like that's what my life has been like since returning home. I have been so busy that the days have raced by me and before I knew it the week had gone and I was back to the start of a new week.  There are a few reasons keeping me extremely busy but the main one is getting things together for the vintage fair in September.  I have been creating my own cushion designs, writing up patterns, as well as seeing family and friends, then volunteering at the Atkinson Gallery as part of Uni work experience. It really is all go but in a really positive way. Today I thought I share my latest cushion designs.

After making the beach huts using pastel fabrics, I made a bright one. This cushion went to a lovely home which I am so happy about. A trip to Liverpool for more cushion pads and a quick detour and I popped into the Walker Art Gallery to see the John Bates At Jean Varon exhibition. Which is fab!
Then I walked back to the station through St Johns Gardens where I couldn't resist a few snaps for my uni summer project.
The back of the monument in the middle of the garden, next time I go I will take a pic to the front, I was just trying to get the angel.

Whilst walking through the gardens I noticed this chap and he kindly allowed me to take a couple of photos.  I know they get a bad press but I think they are rather magnificent creatures.Well I better crack on with this new week bye for nowX:)


Leanne said...

Hello Susan
Your cushions are beautiful. You did a lovely job of making them. I have started writing you long letter. Talk soon
Love Leanne xx

Lin said...

Great cushions Susan - glad you are enjoying your summer with lots of things on the go. xx

Pamela said...

I do remember playing "What's the time Mr. Wolf"! I haven't thought of it in years. Great cushion designs!