Sunday, 4 October 2015


My very own beach finds in a little display box. Except the spider crab which was a gift from my very creative and lovely friend Gill.

Observational, pencil drawing on A2 of the objects in the display box.

Mark making in my sketchbook

From sketch to stitch the beginning. Hopefully I will show you how it turned out next post.
My life at the minute is all about sacrifice as I hit the ground running with the final year of the degree. I am loving the new brief which is all about drawing, it is my cup of tea because I love to draw. It will also be the foundation for the whole year and hopefully will give me lots of inspirational ideas for designs in the coming months. I chose the theme collections based on my recent foraging and beach combing finds.  Reading between the lines on the brief its main focus is about observation, really looking at the object you want to draw, getting to know it and I agree as this gives you a better understanding of its shape, form , colour and even its purpose. The drawing of the mini display cabinet has taken me just over 12 hours to draw (not in one sitting I may add) so far and as you can see its still has a little bit left to do. Others may only take a few minutes its all depends. I have discovered that to reach the criteria for this brief by the deadline date I have had to make some sacrifices. Mainly time spent with family and friends, Colin would probably throw in house work as well but that's really no biggy, is it? Hence the lack of blog post again :( but I will try and pop the occasional one on when I can fit them in. A big Thank You to all those who read my blog and for the great comments, very much appreciated. X:)

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Lin said...

Beautiful drawing Susan and the sacrifice will be worth it. Looking forward to reading your posts - but only when you have the time. xx