Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Miss Willow has a friend!

Miss Willow has a frien,d Colin has a new bike which I have called Brian? Yep! don't ask it just popped in my head.

I found a crab on the beach I was sooo excited then I found another.

Today's beach combing finds.

This photo does not do this broken shell justice it has stunning colours, lilac, mauve's, purples and blues running through it.

Favourite finds from today.
OH NOOOOO! I only went and crushed my two fab crab finds, totally gutted.
I am ashamed to say that I have neglected Miss Willow since I got George, shame on me. However, a couple of days ago Colin purchased a bike and today we rode to Crosby Marina one of my favourite places. It was a beautiful day not a breeze to be had, the beach was so peaceful and I could have stayed for hours. I parked Miss Willow in my usual spot and nipped onto the beach to do a bit of beach combing. The tide was just going out and I found some amazing treasure. My highlight find was my very first crab quickly followed by a second (I know I am crackers but I assure you I am harmless) I placed them in there very own bag, carefully transported them home only to crush then under a box. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am gutted to say the least. However Miss Willow and Brian have arranged another date, we are planning to go to New Brighton, weather permitting at the weekend. Fingers crossed I find another crab:)

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Lin said...

Oh dear! Poor crabs. But lovely finds and great to have the coast nearby, I would love to be nearer the sea. Enjoy your trip at the weekend. xx