Friday, 11 September 2015

Foraging finds.

Woodland finds.
The feathers are from everywhere I walk. If anyone can identify them from the birds they came from please leave me a comment. X:)
Beach combing finds.
Remember this shirt cuff I made in to a sketch book?

 On Wednesday Colin and I went to Formby woods so I could go foraging. The woods lead onto Formby beach so I also got to beach comb. Now, I am new to this foraging malarkey and didn't really know what I was doing so I just looked for things that I thought where interesting, anything unusual would be a bonus. I had a fab day plus the company of the hubby which is rare during the day.  I often pick things up off the floor that catch my attention much to the disgust of my family, whomever is with me think I'm mad and often walk away at an increased pace .I have put all the things I found into mini collections these are the foundation for my very late summer project for Uni.  Next step start a sketch book. I had recently came across the shirt cuff sketch book I made last year which nobody seemed to want to buy so I decided it was time to use it. It's coming along nicely and I thought I'd share just a few of the pages so far. I have even stuck in a shell and a feather from my findings. Today's plan of action is to incorporate some stitched textile pieces but you know what the say about best laid plans!


Kath said...

How lovely. I love mixed media, but I'm rubbish at it!
I love to pick things up, there are feathers, cones, shells and other bits on every surface of my house -I put off dusting as long as possible LOL
I was lucky enough to find the skull of a snake in Cornwall last year.

Lin said...

Great use of your little sketch book and you made some lovely finds. Beautiful pages so far. xx

Gillian Jopia said...

Fantastic Sue! I love foraging, (as you know) today I picked some elderberries that I've now frozen. I will be using them in the jam making workshops at Granby Toxteth Development Trust, as they have been growing lots of their own vegetables and I thought it would be good if they could extend their produce through foraging. I have just checked on the Woodland Trust website and did you know there are around 50 woods in the Liverpool area that you can forage in. WOW! Have you managed to do some more linocuts - I'm missing our creative sessions Sue, please come back and make some space in your diary so we can get a bit crazy again!!??!! xx

Elaine Humphreys said...

The feathers are mainly wood pigeon Susan, but I am not sure about the stripy one - it may be a tawny owl!