Saturday, 12 September 2015

Natures colours.

Today I thought I'd share the beautiful photos Colin took for me on our walk on Wednesday. Yes silly me forgot to bring spare batteries for my camera and they died. When I looked in my bag I'd forgotten my phone. Whoops! err! Colin, darling!!!! The first thing that I saw, just as we emerged from the woods, was this magnificent furry caterpillar, not sure what he is? I'm rather rubbish aren't I but again if anyone knows please leave a comment. The next thing that caught my eye was a row of trees. The sun was shining on them and their leaves shone like hundreds of moving silver mirrors, it was mesmerising to watch. As we approached the beach the sky was an array of various shades of blue and the sea was a graduation of warm greys, reminding me that summer was not quiet finished yet. We walked back along the road and as we turned the corner I was hit again by an abundance of colour, a bush of rose hips. Glorious oranges and lushes reds all with a subtle hint of gold and the vibrant lime greens of the leaves where simply dazzling. An introduction that Autumn was creeping in.


Lin said...

Great pictures Colin! try this site for identifying your caterpillar who is truly magnificent. The sky in your third picture is stunning - the colours are gorgeous. Have a great Sunday. xx

KaHolly said...

Looks like a perfectly lovely walk. Superb pics! You might have better luck looking at this site to id your caterpillar. It is probably a moth larva.