Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Formby Vintage Market.

My stall.

Inside the hall.

On Saturday I did my first craft fair. The organiser Julie-Ann and the other stall holders made me extremely welcome. I have to admit I was very nervous but my nerves soon dispersed as people began to arrive and I made my first sale, which was a felt Scottie dog keyring and a penguin! I really enjoyed myself but to be honest I didn't sell very much however, it was all a learning curve. One of the highlights of the day was I got chatting to very talented lady named Gill who does the most amazing lino cuts (lino-cuts by Gilly )and makes fab jams (Gilly's Jams). I discovered that she runs mini art work shops and lives only half an hour away from me by car. Of course I had book one! Its all been very exciting but I am off to forage now so I will tell you all about Gill's workshop and why I am foraging in my next post. X:)

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Lin said...

It is a shame that you did not sell much as it looks like a great venue. xx