Thursday, 10 September 2015

Gill's studio at the bottom of her garden.

A little pond just outside the studio with beautiful goldfish in it.

These are what I chose to study and draw ready to do some mono printing.

I was persuaded to go down the beach route when my eyes fell upon this crab. I just love him. Gill told me its a "Spider Crab"
On Tuesday I went to Freshfields to Gill's studio for a mini mono print work shop. I had a great morning Gill is such an amazing person, artist and teacher. She made me delicious coffee with a little chocolate treat followed by a lot of chatter, yes mainly me because I never shut up and I was just in my element being in her studio.  Seeing her work and where she gets her inspiration from was so inspiring and my own creative imagination just ran wild. Gill said she has been foraging for about 5/6 years and oh boy what a collection of objects she has, I was in awe. Gill kindly allowed me to take home my little collection to enable me to do some sketches of them. I am so looking forward to going back for another mini workshop next week.