Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Feeling Red:

At last I have managed to start a new quilt. This is a stripy log cabin and applique quilt designed by my friend Janet. On Monday I decided to go through my fabric stash to see what colours I was going to use to make this quilt. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at my red fabric stash. I adore the colour red because it represents so many things, passion, romance, heat, love and confidence etc, the list is endless. Now, while it has been sometime since I have experienced some of the things listed, there is one word that has always been constant in my topsy turvey life. PASSION I am always passionate about quilts, fabric, threads, textiles, exhibitions so on and so on. So this new quilt had to be from my red stash. I have added a nice warm cream for my background fabric just to cool down those passionate reds but I think this quilt is still going to be a little hottie.


Kath said...

Ooh I love red, can't wait to see this quilt in progress!

Gwen said...

it's looking good to me Susan! How can anyone not be passionate about quilting.....better than a man anyday! lol !

jan said...

Gorgeous colours there Susan, I love Log Cabin, look forward to seeing it when complete.