Thursday, 11 February 2010

What a find:

Lately I have found myself wondering into charity shops when out and about. To day I found myself in the British Heart Foundation charity shop on Bold Street. At the back of the shop they had quite an array of books. I began looking through them to see if there was anything of interest and look at what I found. Mrs Beetons Book of Needlework which was first published in 1870 alas my copy was published in 2007. However,it is an absolutely fascinating read, as you can imagine because it relates to the needlework crafts and fashions of her time. It has patterns for linen collars trimmed with tatting, a cravat end in raised embroidery. It even has instructions on how to make a knitted bodice (something that Mrs Beeton herself would have probably wore)and a Lady's veil in net and tatting. As I sat on the bus going home looking through the book, I transported back in time when these crafts and hobbies we call today were an essential part of life. Now how many people can get all that for just £2.75.


jan said...

Hi Susan,
we have a shop in town that sells books for £2 each, I hate to tell you but this is very often in there. The charity shop diddled you. I will look to see what they have in the craft line next time I go to town and let you know in case anything takes your fancy. I have had loads of books from this shop. Reb too.

Susan said...

Arrrrr thanks Jan thats very kind of you. x

Kath said...

What a great find, you will enjoy this book I'm sure. We are lucky to have a big book section in our local Sue Ryder shop, with paperbacks at £1 and hard backs at £1.50, so you can imagine I am always browsing in there!