Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I am a millionaire:

It was my birthday yesterday and it was filled with lots of love and best wishes from family and friends. My daughter and grandson arrived in the afternoon with balloons, cards and a great big gift bag. Inside the bag was a pair of pj's, a set of Tatty Teddy oven mitts and a beautiful pink box. When I opened the box I found a gorgeous pair of shoes I had admired a few weeks earlier. Then the intercom buzzed and up came a lady with a delivery for me. It was a bouquet of lovely flowers, they came with a little card that read "To Mum I love you millions love Michaela". Now i am sure you will agree this now official makes me a millionaire in love. xx


jan said...

A belated birthday wish to you SUsan. Yes that is the best way to be a millionaire if you ask me.
lol Jan x
Gorgeous shoes

Kath said...

Happy Birthday Susan, I'm glad you had a wonderful day, you deserve it. Kath x

Susan said...

thank you both my lovelies xxx

Gwen said...

you get back what you give Susan, and you are a very giving person! Happy birthday! belated tho it may be! Missed you on Wed night, not a lot of people there and I had show n tell.............for a change! love Gwen