Friday, 26 November 2010

Back to basics:

My beloved Bernie (Bernina) has gone off to be serviced and unfortunately, there is a two week turn around. However will I manage with out her for two weeks? Well sometime ago I was given a old Jones sewing machine. It belonged to my brother in-laws aunt who sadly passed away. The family wanted it to go to a good home because it was much used by its owner Elsie, who apparently, continued to darn her husbands socks on the machine. Bless her. I think it is from the late fifthies or early sixties, luckily enough it came with the original instruction book (which was a blessing today). Bernie has only been gone for two days and I miss her dreadfully. I decided to get the Jones machine out and sew my Christmas challenge together. The machine does work but all I can say is "please God let the next 12 days fly by". It is fascinating to think that at the time Elsie purchased her machine it was the height of monderninity, with a special darning feature and various stitch size. The machine only sews straight stitch but does have a reverse stitch ability. I have managed to sew my challenge top together but will have to sit and hand quilt it. Oh well it will help the time go by till Bernie comnes home.


Kath said...

Oh I have an old Singer like that, but not such a cool colour! Goog to have a back-up machine.

Susan said...

Hi Kath it is a lovely duck egg blue. Yes it is better thank no sewing machine at all. lol xx