Sunday, 14 November 2010

Log cabin blooms:

Hurray I can blog again. I have been having some technical problems with my Internet connection and have been unable to blog for a little while now. I have almost finished my strippy log cabin quilt just a little bit more quiting to do. I have to admit I did get fed up with it and there where times when I fell out of love with it. However, I do adore the pattern, I certainly plan on making another one and have already started collecting the fabrics.


Kath said...

Thats is an amazing work of art Susan, I love it. You must be so proud.

Gwen said...

having seen them "in the flesh" they have shown really well in the photos! hows the scarf coming along? any photos of it yet? xx

Susan said...

Thank you ladies. Almost finished the scarf Gwen,as soon as I have will post a pic.
hi kath,I am really pleased with both pieces of work but the safri nights was a nice interlude from quilting the log cabin.