Monday, 29 November 2010

Me and Mrs Jones:

Me and Mrs Jones are getting along very slowly but at least we are getting along. I have managed to complete the 16 log cabin blocks required for my new strippy log cabin applique quilt. Today I made a start on the court house steps blocks. The thing is I now have to complete the whole top of this quilt using Mrs Jones because the presser foot is only 1/8 wide. I did not realise this till I had completed several blocks. I still have a week left till Bernie will be home and hopefully this quilt top will be complete by then.


Kath said...

Oh my old machine has a skinny foot too. Luckily tho, the ones from the modern machine fit it. This quilt is going to e beautiful, I love the colour combunation, I never would have thought of it in million years. Cant wait to see it finished.

Susan said...

Thanks Kath. I originally thought of a black and white colour scheme. Then I found a little piece of gold fabric and the rest just fell into place. Unfortunately no other feet came with Mrs Jones. xx