Tuesday, 7 December 2010

At a loss;

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I am at a loss without Bernie. I have cut out all the pieces for my applique flowers but because Mrs Jones only does straight stitch, I can not fix them to the back ground fabric. So out came a sketch book and I started to make the templates for my second Christmas challenge. I completed these yesterday and once again need Bernie to start the quilt. I am an addict, I freely admit it, I am addicted to my sewing machine and can not function with out it. I have even done some little stitcheries but its no good I need Bernie. Me thinks the knitting needles will becoming out tonight and Henry (the sheep) will have a new friend by morning.


Kath said...

You and I are in the same boat, I have not seen my machine since mid August! I am enjoying my hand sewing tho, it's more practical for me while the house is in chaos.

Susan said...

Oh kath, such will power to be with out your machine for so long. I am not very good with hand sewing. To inpatient. :0 x