Monday, 13 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree:

On the first day of Christmas Susan put her tree up. It has been three years now since I started my memory tree. I am gathering quite a little collection of tree ornaments but I stil have a long way to go to fill all the branches. What you can not see is the back of the tree which is completely empty and the sides are quite sparce too. As always my gorgeous daughter has bought me several new pieces over the last few weeks. I also have a homemade cross stitch decoration all the way from Tasmania, from my pen friend Leanne. Several lovely ones through out the years from my friend Janet. Saddly when I opened the box of decorations, the beautiful glass bauble with my name etched on it, had cracked. This bauble was a special gift from Michaela last year and I thought I had wrapped it up very carfully, obviously not. :(
I feel a trip to the January sales is a must to add to my collection next year.


Kath said...

Goodness, is that 3 years since you wrote that post about visiting a friends house ad admiring all her special xmas decorations?

Susan said...

Yes it is, its scary how quickly does time flys. x