Friday, 10 December 2010

What's a mug rug?????

On Wednesday we had our Liverbird Christmas party. At this event a challenge is set for the next years party. The last two years it has been to keep and Christmas card and make something using the image on the chosen card. I chose two cards, I had decided to make a table runner from one and a quilt from the other. The quilt is all designed but not started and the table runner was a bit of a disaster. I tried to quilt it on Mrs Jones and she was having none of it. At this years party the challenge has been set to make a festive mug rug. Well, I had missed our last meeting when Janet had introduce the latest trend in the world of sewing. Therefore I did not have a clue what a mug rug was. Luckily for me Janet had made a lovely posh one from felt and produced it at show and tell. I was (as always) very impressed. Looking for something to do yesterday evening, I decided to google mug rugs. Low and behold there were lots of imagesand imformation on how to make mug rugs. A mug rug is a long coaster that not only accommodates your mug but a biscuit too. I had bemoaned to Janet that I was unable to do my challenge in time for our party cos Bernie was at her spa. Janet rightly pointed out (all in good fun) that we had had 12 months to do our challenge. So I took this on board and here is my 2011 Christmas challenge, a festive mug rug and funnily enough the Christmas card is from Janet. :)


Kath said...

Thats fab! I'd be scared of spoiling it with drips and rings tho :o
bet you're glad to have Bernie back!

Susan said...

Ha ha I didn't think of that kath maybe I will only use it in special occasion lol x yes I amvery glad to have her back x

jan said...

You have taken me back many years. I made a whole stack of 'mugrugs' when I used to do the craft fairs. They were always the first thing to go.