Friday, 31 December 2010

No new shoes:

I realised on Christmas day that I did not buy myself any new shoes. Shock shock horror, I hear you shout. I have decided that it was due to the weather, I alternatively purchased a lovely pair of ankle boots, with a sensible heal may I add. I did however molester and drawl over several pairs of gorgeous high heals but none of them made their way to the checkout points. Sitting looking at my Christmas tree I realised I did buy new high heal shoes! I purchased the delightful white shoe from BHS in Chester on the 14 December. (Yes ok it was in the sale, even if it had not been I would still have purchased it because it is so meeeeee. In that same sale I also bought a beautiful silver shoe for the tree. I now have six different style shoe ornaments on my tree. Two of them where given to me by my daughter. This little silver sling back with diamantes is one of the two. It started life as a key ring and when the chain snapped I could not bring myself to throw it away, hence it got recycled. Tonight however, the high heals are coming out of storage and I intend to dance the new year in and continue to dance my way through some exciting times in 2011. I want to thank all my friends who follow my blog for their continuous support and wish you all a very happy new year. Love and hugs Susan xx


Kath said...

Oh they'd be the only high heels coming over my doorstep LOL
I hope you have lots of exciting times ahead, lovely girl.
Happy new Year xx

jan said...

NO NEW SHOES????? Oh my!!!!
Happy New Year to you my friend, thank you for the lovely gift inside the card, it will make it on my tree next year. xxxxx

Susan said...

Happy new year to you both my lovely friends I hope it is a good one for us all xxxxx