Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Its in the bag???

I have just made this calico bag and added hexagon roses on either side. I wanted to show something else that can be done with a hexagon rose for my micro teach next week. I was going to make a cushion cover but changed my mind due to time restrictions and decided on a tote bag. The added bonus of the bag is I now have something extra to carry all the things I need for the micro teach. The bag was so quick and easy to make, I now know what I will do with all those hexagons I have made for demonstration purposes once the micro teach is over. Simples!!!!


Kath said...

Oh you're getting into it now LOL I love hexies, I have made 2 hexy quilts and now have one on the go which is elongated hexies, sort of lozenge shapes.I really like to hand piece with paper shapes, I don't care that it takes a LONG time, you can pick it up and sew anywhere, even in the a passenger of course LOL

Susan said...

Hi Kath, I am no where near as bad as what I was the other day when I wrote my posting. I am still very nervous about the whole micro teach and I can not wait to get it over and done with. Still at least I will have a nice tote bag and even the beginging of my own hexie quilt who knows lol. I will let you know how it goes. xx