Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Two days of christmas:

So far so good, here are my first two blocks from the twelve days of Christmas quilt I have designed from a Christmas card. I am thrilled to bits at how they have turned out and I am looking forward to making the other 10 blocks. Hope they will turn out just as good. this is also my first attempt at quilt as you go, so fingers crossed. How is this for irony? When I was gathering the fabric to make this quilt I fell in love with the green back ground fabric, it has little streams of red and green ribbon on it. It reminded me of streamers the kind you throw at parties and I thought it would be ideal as the background for this particular quilt. When I asked for several yards, the lady in the shop told me it was from a the range of fabric called the twelve days of Christmas!!!! Now how spooky is that,lol.

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Kath said...

This is going to be lovely! CAn you show the card, I cant remember if I have seen it or not.
I rmember years ago, I saw a tiny pic of a quilt,about 2" square, but I liked it so much I made a full size quilt top. Where is it now? waiting to be quilted haha
Nothing changes :-D