Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thank goodness for friends:

Firstly let me say I am sorry that my last posting ended rather gloomy but it certainly triggered some much needed positivity. Previous to the posting I texed my friend Judith, as I vaguely remembered she had a hexagon quilt. I asked if I could borrow the quilt to use as an example for my micro teach and Judith kindly agreed. Then I wrote the blog, no sooner had I wrote it I received a call from Judith and this gesture alone, not to mention her words of encouragement over whelmed me. We met up yesterday morning and Judith kindly brought the said quilt with her. It took my breath away. The quilt is full of wonderful memories through the fabrics Judith has used to make the quilt. Left over dress fabric that her mother used to make summer dresses. Curtain fabric from an aunts set of curtains and one of the fabrics is from a bridesmaid dress Judith wore in 1973. I had a very enjoyable morning, cake, coffee, a quilt but best of all the wonderful gift of true friendship. Thank you so much Judith for yesterday and the loan of your lovely hexagon quilt. Judith kindly gave me permission to post a picture of her quilt also a hexagon tea cosy she made, I hope you find them both as wonderful as I do.


Kath said...

I can see this is going to be a great success!

Susan said...

thank you Kath, as always for your words of faith and encouragement xx