Friday, 11 February 2011

Back on track:

Oh dear! All this education is leaving me little time for sewing. I finally finished my last written assignment, for PTLLS, on Tuesday and I grabbed the chance to get on the sewing machine. I completed two blocks, six Geese a laying and seven swans a swimming. Then yesterday I was off to see my friend Janet, who gave me an excellent lesson on quilt has you go. Not to mention a lovely lunch and a home made scone mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! (I know, how lucky am I in the friendship department.) I have a terrible head cold and I sincerely hope I have not repaid Janets kindness by passing it on to her. Anyway, I have dosed up on Paracetamol and with a bit of time management this weekend, a lot of family and house-work juggling, not to mention completing English homework, I hope to start putting the blocks together. Erm! How many hours are there in a day?????

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Leanne said...

beautiful blocks Susan