Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mish, mash shopping:

The weather today was like a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining and I decided to take myself out and about and eventually ended up in Southport. I love Southport it has the most delightful shops, not to mention two quilt shops but on this ocassion I only managed to visit one. The picture shows all the purchases I made as I strolled through Southport without a care in the world. The shoes were an absolute steel £6, I know bargain or what? I got some much needed socks and I won the two voodoo dolls in an arcade, on the 2p machines. You can't go to Southport and not go in an arcade and I did give myself a limit of £2. The book of lettering was from the works and was only 99p when i got to the till. The kitten cards where from another cheap book store £1 (you can never have to many open cards or notelets). Then I hopped on the 44 Bus and off to Marshside quilt shop. Two half metres of Japanese woven fabric and a fat quarter later, I was back on the bus heading for the train station. Phew! I think I need to put my feet up now with a well deserved cuppa, all that fresh air has wiped me out.


Kath said...

How lovely to get a big bag full of goodies and not spend much money! Love the shoes. I only wear DM's but I used to wobble about on shoes like that years ago LOL

Gwen said...

you really had a good day didn't you? such a bargain hunter!! those shoes were made for walkin' baby.......but not by me.................and don't let that Shirley see them!! xx

Susan said...

Kath, I will probably wobble quite a bit on these heals because I have not worn any for quite sometime. In the winter I live in my boots which have a block heal while the others have akitten heal. However, I just couldn't resist them at that price. xxx

Yes Gwen, these shoes where bought with walking and dancing in mind but the red shoes I gave Shirley where bought for a completely differnt reason!! wink wink nudge nudge lol !! Shirley if you read this I truly hope you have had lots of pleasure with your red shoes? xxxx