Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Foundations from the past:

Yesterday I had an interview at Hugh Baird College. I originally applied for the BTEC Extended diploma Art and Design but instead I have been offered a place (subject to an available place for a mature student) on the art and design foundation pre-degree course. Yippee. I was given a tour of the art department, was privy to students work (WOW) it was a great day. I had to take some of my work with as the course is predominantly drawing. It has been many years since I have drawn in such detail and depth, all I could take were several sketch books, some wall hangings and my journal quilts. The chap who interviewed me asked if I could do some drawing and let him see it in a few weeks but said he could see I had potential from the little doodles in the sketch books. Here is my first attempt and what better subject matter my adorable shoes. I am so excited at the prospects of doing the course which starts in September, please keep your fingers crossed for me that a place will arise and it will be mine.


Kath said...

I have no doubt at all that you will be accepted. New beginnings, how exciting. I used to say you were wasted at "A" and here you are about to start a degree foundation course :-D
Well done, I'm very proud of you.

judith said...

Susan. What wonderful news!
We are all going to enjoy this course with you, only thing is, YOU will be doing all the hard work for US to enjoy!
Judith xx

jan said...

GO Susan. What wonderful news. I am so proud of you. Well done.

Susan said...

Thank you ladies for all your support, its very much appreciated.xx

Hi Jan thanks and thank ypu also for the B'day wishes on FB. xx