Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sicky and Poorly:

Poor little ole me!I have not been at all well. I have had the cold from hell, which then turned into a throat infection that came with an horrendous cough. I hate being ill, I am such a big baby, I feel so sorry for myself and penguin mode escalates beyond belief. However, today I was determined to get some sewing done and here are the latest results. Maids a milking, ladies dancing and lords a leaping. Phew! I also managed to attach them, quilt as you go style. I am really hoping to have the Twelve Days of Christmas, wall hanging finished over the weekend. I have an interview for college soon and I want to take this as part of my portfolio of
art work that will help me get on the course. Do you think they will be impressed or what?


Kath said...

Oh definately! These are just lovely. Sorry you have been poorly, be sure to take time to get better slowly tho won't you , my friend?

Gwen said...

sorry you haven't been well Susan,you obviously had "man flu" and if I was on the college examination board, you would pass! I hope you can bring it to Liverbirds. By the way, we had a good sewing day today, we missed you! we knew you were'nt there cos it was quiet and we had no cakes!!! only joking!! Gwen xx

Susan said...

Thanks Kath,the anti biotics have kicked in and I am feeling much better. xx

Gwen, what can I say, I missed being there with you all. I am sure it was a good day, they always are. I will bring both the wallhanging and cakes to next Livervirds, but not the man flu I promise lol. xx