Monday, 15 August 2011

The Festival of quilts

The tent makers of Cairo had an exhibition it was amazing to see them at work.
The winning quilt of the pictorial section.
The Meercat quilt winner of the group section. The group where none other than 8 members of Chester P and Q's.
Winner of the Contemporary quilt section and best in show.
I had an amazing two days at the festival of quilts despite the horrible cold. Here are just a few photos of  some of my favorite pieces in the show. I thought I took lots of photos but in reality I hardly took any, to busy being in awe. I met up with lots of friends I even bumped into my friend Janet (Jan's musings) who lives in Northampton and it was so lovely to see her. The whole weekend was such a tonic and whilst I am still not feeling 100% health wise, it certainly gave my mojo a nudge in the right direction.


cookie said...

Hi Susan,you have a lovely blog and great pictures. you even got one from the winner in pictorial Quilts. I tried so hard to get one but it was always to crowded to get a got pic. Well I just have to come around your blog to look at It was very nice to meet you at the Foq.

hugs Kerstin

jan said...

I must pass your link on to everyone Susan. I have a great picture of us to put on my blog too. Was great to meet up again. A lovely bonus.

Susan said...

Hi cookie and welcome to my blog. It was very nice meeting you too. :)

Susan said...

Jan it was so lovely bumping into you and your PP friend what an added bonus. You looked really well my friend. :)

jan said...

Thanks Susan, you did too, I cannot believe it has been two years I think since we first met at the show. How time flies. Maybe next time we can have longer together.